Information about Higher Vocational School № 42 in Pogrebyshche

Higher Vocational School No. 42 in Pogrebyshche is an educational institution of the third attestation level that trains highly qualified workers in technologically complex, science-intensive professions and specialties. Students also may complete general secondary education. The status of a higher education institution gives the right to study at a higher level compared to the basic one.

On the basis of the school, pre-professional, primary professional, general education training, retraining, vocational training and advanced training of workers and the unemployed population are carried out.
The main task of the higher vocational school is to ensure the right of Ukrainian citizens to vocational training in accordance with their vocations, interests and abilities and health status in order to meet the needs of the country’s economy for qualified and competitive workers on the labor market.

The main powers and areas of activity of the higher professional school include:

  • organization of the educational process, selection of training forms and methods;
  • educational-industrial, educational, educational-methodical, financial-economic and industrial-commercial activities;
  • development of work curriculum for professions and specialties and work curriculum for academic subjects based on standard curriculum, determination of the regional component of the content of vocational education, which are approved in accordance with the established procedure;
  • forming, together with the local bodies of management of vocational and technical education, plans for the admission of students and trainees taking into account the state and regional order, the needs of the labor market and the needs of citizens in vocational education and the orders of enterprises, institutions, and organizations;
  • organization of meals, material support and household services for students and listeners;
    -organization of professional development, training of teaching staff at enterprises, institutions, organizations;
  • implementation of professional training of the unemployed population;
  • organization of industrial training of students, trainees in production and in the service sector;
  • provision of occupational health and safety measures for students and employees;
  • material and technical support of the educational process;
  • ensuring the proper quality of professional training and education of students;
    -issuance of education documents of established samples.
    The school is a typical complex, which includes an educational building for 720 students, a dormitory for 360 people, educational and production workshops with laboratories with a total area of ​​3500 m2, an administrative building with a sports hall, a dining room for 120 seats, an assembly hall for 250 seats.
    For the needs of the educational process, the educational institution has 223 hectares. land, of which 173 ha. Arable.
    The school prepares students for the following professions:
  • Locksmith repairing wheeled vehicles, tractor-machinist of agricultural (forestry) production cat. «A1», driver of motor vehicles of category «C»;
  • Electrician for the maintenance of electrical installations, electric gas welder, driver of motor vehicles «C»;
    -Electric gas welder, driver of motor vehicles of category «C»;
    -Cook, waiter, bartender.

The educational institution has experience of cooperation in international projects:

  • Dual system of education in Vocational and Technical Educational Institutions (Ukraine-Latvia);
  • Reforming the Vocational and Technical Education system in Ukraine (Ukraine-France-Italy);
  • The international project «EU4Skills Professional integration of internally displaced persons in Ukraine», within the framework of which he carries out professional training of «Electrogaszvarnik II class» (Ukraine — Germany). The project will be implemented during 2022-2023.